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Wednesday Quick Read

September 16, 2009 Headlines

The State | House punishes Wilson

Post & Courier | Sanford drops in for update

Acorn | New Prostitution Scandal in California! (video)

AP | Baucus unveiling health bill without GOP on board


Wash Times | Obama seeks Patriot Act extensions

Wash Examiner | Barone: Job-killing policies could doom Democrat hopes

Wash Times | Specter fundraisers stall Senate voting


The State | Opinion: Thomas: Who’s really lying?

Post & Courier | ‘It’s behind me,’ Sanford says of probe

The State | Cola Workers face cuts in pay for holidays

The State | Challenges abound for new Columbia’s new mayor

Greenville News | Sanford turns over first batch of records

GoUpstate | Economy could help Sanford’s chances


The Palmetto Scoop | Columbia out of money

FITSNews | “Bailout” Barrett Bailed On Wilson Vote

Garnet Spy | BUSTED! It IS About Race

Indigo | Sheheen picks up education endorsements

Morning Newsletter
Top headlines from
  • WASHINGTON – The U.S. House of Representatives Tuesday took the rare step of passing – largely along party lines – a disciplinary measure against Rep. Joe Wilson for his “You lie!” yell at President Barack Obama as he addressed Congress. Inside: Watch the U.S. House debate and Wilson’s remarks.

  • Rep. Bob Inglis of South Carolina became the first Republican lawmaker Tuesday to make a public appeal to U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson to apologize to his House colleagues for yelling “you lie!” at President Barack Obama as he addressed Congress.

  • State prosecutors blocked the release Tuesday of autopsy results on a Yale graduate student whose body was found hidden in a wall in her lab building, reasoning that they could hinder their investigation, the Connecticut medical examiner said.

  • The state’s initial attempt to award a multi-million contract to develop a centralized, web-based database collection system for payday lenders has been temporarily suspended, due to a protest.

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