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SCHotline Quick Read

September 19, 2009


The State | Wilson on outburst: ‘Wrong place, time’

Wash Times | Health reformers targeting ‘enemies’


AP | GOP harnessing populist anger on economy

AP | Irving Kristol, godfather of neoconservatism, dies

LA Times | ACORN scaling back or shutting down in many cities

Wash Times | Ex-chiefs of CIA oppose case reviews


The State | Gov Sanford slogs mud at SC Marine Corps run

Greenville Online | South Carolina’s drop in jobless rate encourages experts

Herald Journal | Community salutes Gaffney Marine during funeral

The State | Strategies shift in Cola’s mayor’s race

Herald Journal | Muddied waters, New Lobbyist law fail


The Garnet Spy | The Lessons of History

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From The State Newspaper: Political Headlines

  • S.C. Politics

    U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson, in his first public appearance in his district since his now infamous outburst during a joint session of Congress, said he would not call the president a liar if he had a chance to revisit that moment. With video

SC Politics Today

  • A Democratic group has released a TV ad calling U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst during the joint session of Congress shameful. Wilson called President Obama a liar. The ad is being distributed by the Stand Up America political action committee…

  • A point man for President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign in South Carolina has signed on to the 2010 gubernatorial campaign of Democratic state Sen. Vincent Sheheen, the campaign said today. Trav Robertson, a veteran Democratic campaign adviser, will function in…

  • Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele is circulating a petition demanding congressional Democrats end the calls to discipline U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson. This week, the House passed a resolution largely along party lines that said it disapproved of Wilson calling…

  • Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dwight Drake is urging voters to voice their disapproval of U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson calling President Obama a liar during a joint session of Congress. Drake, a former lobbyist, has a petition on his Web site saying…

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