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Friday’s Quick Read

September 25, 2009

FOXNews | Iran Revealed 2nd Uranium Enrichment Plant

FOXNews | Officials: Terror Plot Most Significant Since 9/11

Political Cartoon by  Bennett


FOXNews | Elementary School Students Taught to Sing Praises of President Obama

AP | Justice Ginsburg hospitalized; became ill at work

Wash Times | Veterans’ promised tuition checks AWOL

FOXNews | Senate Democrats Kill GOP Effort to Rein in Obama’s Czars

Wash Times |  Washington in 5 minutes

AP | NEA communications chief resigns

Breitbart | GOP aides ACORN misusing contributions

Political Cartoon by  Bennett


Common Dreams | ACLU Argues in Federal Court That South Carolina School Board Election Process Resulted in Racial Discrimination

Herald-Journal | SC AG McMaster accepted campaign cash from lawyers he hired

Post & Courier | Limehouse optimistic on Boeing

Post & Courier | What they said, what they meant (the debate)

The State | Decline in home sales eases

Greenville News | Celebrate Governor’s School


Powerline | Netanuyahu to UN: “Have you no shame?”

FITSNews | SCGOP: Where’s The Diversity?

The 28-year wait is over: South Carolina finally bagged its big-game trophy. The Gamecocks brought down No. 4 Mississippi’s high-flying offense Thursday and held on for a 16-10 victory that was the biggest home win in the program’s 116-year history.
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