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Tuesday Quick Read

October 6, 2009
Tuesday, October 6th, 2009
Guardian | David Letterman apologises to his wife through the medium of television
RCP | George Will: Olympic Gold For Narcissism
WA Examiner | The continuing battle over Obama’s radicals
WA Times | Rangel rakes in cash from island rum scrum
WA Examiner | Congressional leaders fight against posting bills online
WA Times | Analysts: GOP to gain many seats in ’10
AP | BET founder mimics Va. gov candidate’s stuttering
AP | Geithner warns of ‘possible hazards’: report
AP | Pay czar looking to rework employee pay packages
FOXNews | AG: ACORN Embezzlement Totaled $5M, Not $1M

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009
VUI | Is Ted Pitts serious about being Lt.. Governor
Garnet Spy | The Roaming Roman
FITSNews | FCC Commissioners In South Carolina
Wolfe Reports | It’s Spratt v. Mulvaney in SC-05
TPS | Diversity czar creating headaches for Clyburn, FCC
Child Rapist

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009
Herald Journal | Union supervisor, former sheriff face federal charges
Beaufort Gazette | Looking forward to the 2010 legislative session
Sun News | College student plans run for S.C. Rep. Miller’s seat
Herald Online | Panel approves new SC scoring system for schools
Island Packet | Haley harps on frugality, transparency
G’Ville News | Food Lion makes a bid for Bi-Lo
The State | Sanford probe: Court lets House join suit

Morning Newsletter

Top headlines from
  • Bi-Lo customers might have to put “find a new grocery store” at the top of their shopping lists if Food Lion goes through with a plan to buy out the struggling Mauldin-based chain. Some stores likely would close as a result.

  • The S.C. Supreme Court will hear arguments Oct. 19 about whether legislators should get the initial findings of an ethics panel investigating Gov. Mark Sanford.

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