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Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

October 27, 2009
Tuesday, October 27th, 2009 2:17 PM


Tuesday, October 27th, 2009
Breaking News Alert

Sanford impeachment resolution to be introduced today

Rep. Greg Delleney, R-Chester

Plans to introduce in the S.C. House of Representatives this afternoon legislation calling for impeachment of Gov. Mark Sanford.

Here is the text
FOXNews | The Day Ahead: Smart Grid Techonology Push; Campaigning for Deeds

An H1N1 ‘Pandemic’ to the Rescue: A Public Option Crashes Back Into the Fold But How are ‘The One’ and his Disciples Pulling Off this Resurrection?


By Michael S. Smith II, SCHotline Contributing Editor

When you have failed to convince voters and legislators that a socialized version of “health care (insurance) reform” is what the country needs, what better way to convince Americans to reconsider their positions on the matter than by manufacturing a national health care emergency? Just when you thought pork was a Congressional Democrat’s best friend at the end of the legislative day, along comes “Swine Flu.”

Although his comments made to push legislators to pass the stimulus bill of 2009 into law may not actually – in intent – have represented the politics of fear Candidate Obama swore his administration would not employ, his recent designation of a “national health care emergency” can easily be understood as an example of just that.  >>>More

CSM | Bid to impeach Gov. Mark Sanford begins Tuesday
FITSNews | Converse Chellis Is On Craigslist?
Tuesday, October 27th, 2009
SCRN | Lawmakers return to Statehouse
Morning news | DHEC studies mercury pollution in Florence area
P&C | Opinion: Good signs for S.C. economy
G’ville News | Opinion: Rage against LAC needs response
Sun News | Sanford cites law in report release
The State | Lawmaker wants special impeachment cmte
H&J | Ex-prosecutor enters SC attorney general race
Seattle Times | Boeing: S.C. ready to sweeten deal
Standard | Nuke industry economically beneficial to Carolina
Sun News | M Beach City Council to review tax report
Morning News | voter split in M Beach elections (video)
Sun News | Public safety tops concerns in N M Beach
Herald | House District 48 hopefuls want to repeal Act 388
H&J | Mayoral candidates spar over greenspace
H&J | Editors: Ryba for council
G’ville News | Stimulus helps Kemet add 113 jobs
P&C | Controversial bill may get 2nd look
P&C| Chas aviation authority adopts incentives program
P&C | Mt Pleasant Residents crowd Town Hall forum
The State | Mayor, critics to face off at B-L ballot box
The State | SC farmers group discussing climate change bills
Index Journal | County reimbursed $250,000
The State | Program could spark Columbia’s green efforts
P&C | Lawyer pushes for drug policy reform
T&D | Battle against ‘slavery’ in 21st century

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009
American Thinker | Signing away sovereignty
Michelle Malkin | The state opt-out mirage
Wa Examiner | Fraud plagues government health care
UK Telegraph | Give up meat to save the planet
York | Biden’s popularity lower than Cheney
FOXNews | No Guarantees ‘Public Plan’
Wa Times | Democrats on defense in 2009 elections
AP | UN signals delay in climate change treaty
FOXNews | Chamber Benefiting From White House Criticism
UK Daily Mail | CNN’s numbers in prime to last place
Breitbart | Defense Depart’s top auditor forced out
Wa Times |  Something scary for Obama’s Dems
Human Events | Who are the Tea Partyers?
American Prospect | Lessons Overlearned
Newsweek | How Obama Became an Instant President
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