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Updating…SCHotline Breaking News | Campsen for Congress: Finally?

January 5, 2010

S.C.Flag SC Blogs & PR Box

Tuesday,  January 5th, 2010… Updating
SCHotline Breaking News | Campsen for Congress: Finally?
FITS | Graham Censured By SC Republicans … Again
The VoiceTop Ten Education Picks of 2009
Blog Talk Radio | The Bloggers Briefing
SCHotline Exclusive | A Coincidence, O?  (Obama, Al Qaeda, Christmas Day Attack)
Drew McKissick | Third party talk among conservatives is a waste
Monday,  January 4th, 2010
PR | Katherine Jenerette on Rep. Henry Brown Retirement
SUNLIT UPLANDS | Americans Deserting Democrat Party in Record Numbers
FITS | Henry Brown To Retire
The Voice | Charleston School District Seeks Literacy Programs
Voting Under the Influence | Obama’s “Brownie”
SUNLIT UPLANDS | Spy Chiefs Turn on Obama after Seven CIA Agents are Slaughtered in Afghanistan
Kevin Bryant | Global warming counter

S.C.Flag SC Political News

Tuesday,  January 5th, 2010… Updating
The State | Heated SC races brewing
SCNow | SC Supreme Court to hear Myrtle Beach helmet ordinance lawsuit
SCNow | Kelso Will Not Seek House Seat 108 in 2010
Monday,  January 4th, 2010

The Honorable Rep. Henry Brown (R-S.C.) To Retire

WMBF | Clemmons: US Rep. Brown won’t seek re-election
Hilton Head Packet | Census officials urge Hispanics not to fear 2010 count
The Herald | Sen. DeMint standing firm against TSA nominee
The Herald | Some Dems want Gitmo-to-Yemen transfers stopped
P&C | Britain, U.S. close embassies
P&C | Will bill really put U.S. to work?
P&C | S.C. high court to hear election case
P&C | Washington: ‘I’m a plain ol’ country boy’
Herald-Journal | Proposed reforms
Herald-Journal | Restrict state spending
The State | Sanford affair shows records not always preserved

Sunday,  January 3rd, 2010
The State | Dubai sheikh buys Aiken land for horse training facility
The State | Rossi Killer seeks freedom, for ninth time
Anderson Independent | Presentation in Anderson addresses role New Yorker plays in SC political process
Seattle Times | Guest columnist Advice for state leaders on how not to lose the next big
Politico | 25 politicians to watch in 2010
The State | 2009 was a tough year for SC pols
The Herald | Departing US attorney says gangs a problem in SC
Gather | Can South Carolina Sue Congress?
Saturday,  January 2nd, 2010
Augusta Chronicle | Go look up Commandment No. 7 and obey
P&C | For leaders, phrases do matter
The State | SC officer charged with DUI after patrol car crash
Friday,  January 1st, 2010
The State | Fox channels remain live while talks continue
The State | 10 for 2010: Top issues to watch in the coming year
The State | Wilkins proud of successes as US Attorney for SC
Know NPR | Special: The Capitol Steps Politics Takes a Holiday
P&C | Court rejects case for disabled
P&C | Leading political operative arrested
Miami  Herald | Racist graffiti in Columbia, SC, as blacks seek mayor’s post
AL | King says politics not behind health care reform bill investigation by AGs
Examiner | 2009’s Hot Spots: Politics & Otherwise
10 Connects | Biggest political winners and losers of 2009
The Guardian | I’ve changed my mind about the Clintons
Examiner | 2010 US Senate races preview, Part 1
Politics Daily | Top 5 Most Outrageous Political Videos of 2009
Thursday, December 31st, 2009
The Patriot Room | Chart of the Day: The End of Newspapers
The Herald | BIG SIS: TSA subpoenas bloggers, demands names of sources
Herald Journal | Officials’ missteps made headlines during the decade
The State | McMaster attacks judge’s poker ruling in high court filing
The Hill | An ‘extraordinary’ year in politics
Philadelphia Inquirer | 13 GOP officials challenge health deal
August Cronicle | CSRA navigated through a turbulent decade
Emirates Business | No subject is sacred: politics rages after jet attack
CNN | Cheney: Obama pretends nation is not at war
RCP | Senator DeMint on the TSA
Crain’s Detroit Biz | Attorney General Mike Cox joins effort to remove so-called “Cornhusker Kickback”
Kansas City Star | Top prosecutors join health care fight
MB Sun News | Pork and Preens

Home Pest Control Co.

U.S. Flag US Political News

Tuesday,  January 5th, 2010… Updating
RedState | DeMint: Collective Bargaining Has Hurt Border Patrol, TSA Shouldn’t Make Same Mistake
C-SPAN CEO to Democrats: Televise the Health Care Reform Negotiations
Human Events | The Real War
Dem Leaders Plan Secret Health Care Talks…
Winter Could Be Worst in 25 Years for USA…
3 Deaths Due To Cold in Memphis…
Monday,  January 4th, 2010
Breitbart | Crises to greet Obama return to Washington
Sunday Roundtables: This Week | Fox News Sunday | Meet the Press
Heritage Foundation | Morning Bell: The System is Failing
The Daily Beast | Cheat Sheet
BBC | France follows Britain and US in shutting Yemen embassy
Politics Daily | Washington in 60 Seconds: Schieffer Slams ‘Self-Serving Spin’ After Bomb Attempt
The Hill | Ten campaign themes to watch
American Thinker | The Tea Party Movement Does Not Need a Leader!
RedState | The Republican Unicorns and Reality
Michelle Malkin | Fight the SEIU & Demcare corruption: Support Scott Brown for Senate


East Coast Faces Deep Freeze; Florida Oranges Threatened…
Iowa temps ‘a solid 30 degrees below normal’…
Peru’s mountain people ‘face extinction because of cold conditions’…
Beijing — coldest in 40 years…
World copes with Arctic weather…
Sunday,  January 3rd, 2010
HotAir | Newsweek: Saudis briefed top Obama official about “underwear bombers” in October; Update: MI5 knew of bomber three years ago
Hot Air | Dems declare war on Rasmussen?
LA Times | Ticket Replay: What Michelle Obama told the Olympic Committee about her Chicago (and father)

Saturday,  January 2nd, 2010
Wa Post | Hollow Words on Terrorism
Bloomberg | Wall St. Gets $4 Trillion Gift from Barney Frank
Wa Post | Before vote, some senators knew of testimony error by TSA nominee Southers
Mayo Clinic Drops Medicare Patients in Arizona as Obama Model Bemoans Cost…
Friday,  January 1st, 2010
2 O 1 0
Michelle Malkin | Underreported stories of 2009
WSJ | No Despot Fears the President
American Thinker | The Most Important Three-Year Period in History?
American Thinker | A Bucket List for America
American Thinker | In Defense of Profiling
Heritage Foundation | Top Ten Foundry Posts of 2009
20 million-plus collect unemployment checks in ’09…
Taxpayers to Lose $400 Billion on FANNIE, FREDDIE…
Sabbath in Gaza: Ultra-Orthodox Jews make rare visit to show support for Palestinians
Dem recruits continue to head for exits…
Washington slaps fee on plastic shopping bags…

Napolitano announces international airport security campaign…

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