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Mobile Archive 1/8/2010, Ravenel, Jeffrey, Gowdy AKA Little Lindsey

January 8, 2010

S.C.Flag SC Blogs & PR Box

PR | Christina Jeffrey Proposes a Wake-Up Call for Congress
A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government. ~Thomas Jefferson
SCHotline | A Thomas Ravenel Comeback?
FITS | Texas “Future” Almost Came Early
Thursday,  January 7th, 2010
SCHotline | Stop the press!!!

FITS | We See Black Helicopters Today

SUNLIT UPLANDS | Ray Stevens’ Hit ‘We the People’ Becoming Anthem of Tea Party Movement
Wednesday,  January 6th, 2010
Uncommon Sense | Obama signs INTERPOL Protection Act
OMG… Who let Little Lindsey put this video out?
The Spy | Stepford Candidate to Step Out?
SCHotline Exclusive | YEMEN: Go Big, or Don’t Bother Going at All — Obama, National Security, al Qaida
The Spy | Are You Happy NOW?
McMaster and the General Welfare Clause
SUNLIT UPLANDS | Bill Connor Receives Boiling Springs Tea Party Endorsement
Joe Person | The skinny on Brown and Spurrier
Randy’s Right | Discrace by Obama @ Ft Hood
FITS | The Bailout Bowl
FITS | SC RINO: Pretty Pretty Please Don’t Leave GOP
Tuesday,  January 5th, 2010
SCHotline Breaking News | Campsen for Congress: Finally?
“Chip Campsen and other reformers like Larry Grooms and Tim Scott have represented taxpayers very well in Columbia. Their outstanding voting records are a testament to their fiscal conservative principles – principles that are sorely needed in big-spending Washington, DC right now. Any one of them would make an outstanding Congressman.” ~ Chad Walldorf
FITS | Graham Censured By SC Republicans … Again
The Voice | Top Ten Education Picks of 2009
Blog Talk Radio | The Bloggers Briefing
SCHotline Exclusive | A Coincidence, O?  (Obama, Al Qaeda, Christmas Day Attack)
Drew McKissick | Third party talk among conservatives is a waste
Monday,  January 4th, 2010
PR | Katherine Jenerette on Rep. Henry Brown Retirement
SUNLIT UPLANDS | Americans Deserting Democrat Party in Record Numbers
FITS | Henry Brown To Retire
The Voice | Charleston School District Seeks Literacy Programs
Voting Under the Influence | Obama’s “Brownie”
SUNLIT UPLANDS | Spy Chiefs Turn on Obama after Seven CIA Agents are Slaughtered in Afghanistan
Kevin Bryant | Global warming counter

S.C.Flag SC Political News

Friday,  January 8th, 2010… Updating
The Herald | Giuliani: Obama ‘turned the corner’ on terrorism
P&C | ‘Eat Well, Be Well’ to reduce obesity
P&C | A look at the science of politics
Thursday,  January 7th, 2010
CBS7HD | TVAMY: Nude Jogger Arrested Near The White House
Republicans SC | Boiling Springs Tea Party endorses Bill Connor following Christina Jeffrey and Larry Grooms
G’ville News | S.C. lawmaker suggests eliminating Lt. Gov. position
Herald-Journal | Secret transparency
The State | National GOP backing Mulvaney against Spratt
The State | Inglis wants to debate primary challengers… Christina Jeffrey Says, Watch out what you ask for Bob…
P&C | Institute to host reception
P&C | Justices hear case about party loyalty
NewsHour | Senate Retirements Hint at Shifting Political Landscape
Hilton Head Island Packet | Censure of Lindsey Graham symbol of nation’s problem
The State | Southeastern Institute of Women in Politics aims to close
Wednesday,  January 6th, 2010
P&C | Here’s what Henry Brown really wanted to say…
News4 | Federal Stimulus Revenue Tops $1 Billion in SC
USA Today Blog | Debate on the tone in Washington — Our view: In today’s partisan world, no …
The Nation Blog | Dorgan Retirement Will Rob Senate of One of its Last Populists
The State  | Jenny Sanford’s book due out Feb. 5
Tuesday,  January 5th, 2010
The State | Heated SC races brewing
SCNow | SC Supreme Court to hear Myrtle Beach helmet ordinance lawsuit
SCNow | Kelso Will Not Seek House Seat 108 in 2010
Monday,  January 4th, 2010

The Honorable Rep. Henry Brown (R-S.C.) To Retire

WMBF | Clemmons: US Rep. Brown won’t seek re-election
Hilton Head Packet | Census officials urge Hispanics not to fear 2010 count
The Herald | Sen. DeMint standing firm against TSA nominee
The Herald | Some Dems want Gitmo-to-Yemen transfers stopped
P&C | Britain, U.S. close embassies
P&C | Will bill really put U.S. to work?
P&C | S.C. high court to hear election case
P&C | Washington: ‘I’m a plain ol’ country boy’
Herald-Journal | Proposed reforms
Herald-Journal | Restrict state spending
The State | Sanford affair shows records not always preserved
Sunday,  January 3rd, 2010
The State | Dubai sheikh buys Aiken land for horse training facility
The State | Rossi Killer seeks freedom, for ninth time
Anderson Independent | Presentation in Anderson addresses role New Yorker plays in SC political process
Seattle Times | Guest columnist Advice for state leaders on how not to lose the next big
Politico | 25 politicians to watch in 2010
The State | 2009 was a tough year for SC pols
The Herald | Departing US attorney says gangs a problem in SC
Gather | Can South Carolina Sue Congress?

Home Pest Control Co.

U.S. Flag US Political News

Friday,  January 8th, 2010… Updating
THE NUMBER: DEC. -85,000 JOBS… 10%…


Thursday,  January 7th, 2010
SCHotline Exclusive | YEMEN: Go Big, or Don’t Bother Going at All — By David Draper and Michael S. Smith II
The Daily Beast | Cheat Sheet
Time | What Health Care Reform Means for the States
American Thinker | The Obamas: Conspicuous Sacrifice vs. Conspicuous Consumption
Human Events | Chuck Norris: If the Price Is Right

‘Frozen Gore’ ice sculpture is back in Alaska…

Public Gets in the Way of ObamaCare
Democrats Fear Disaster Ahead
Can Obama Change — and Keep His Nerve?
RCP Video Page: Gibbs | Lamb | Dodd | Perino | Dunn | Schultz | More
Obama’s anti-terror chief remained on ski slopes…
PAPER: 14 phantom Zip Codes receiving fed ‘stimulus’ money…

Midwest bracing for heavy snow — wind chills of 50 below!
Next Arctic Blast blows even colder…
Persistent cold tightens grip on nation…
Britain’s big snow shuts cities…
Arctic blast freezes Texas…
Weekend Freeze Looms for Gulf Coast…
Florida races to save crops…
Wednesday,  January 6th, 2010

Pelosi on C-SPAN Request: “There Has Never Been a More Open Process”

Politico | Nancy Pelosi takes swipe at President Obama’s campaign promises
Wa Post | Airline attack shows Obama’s listless approach to terrorism
So Much for Obama’s Pledge of C-Span Transparency
Obama Assails Intelligence Failures
Democratic Exodus Roils 2010 Landscape
Tuesday,  January 5th, 2010… Updating
Helen Thomas To Gibbs On Terror Incident: “You Blew It”
American Thinker | The Ministry of Wellness
RedState | DeMint: Collective Bargaining Has Hurt Border Patrol, TSA Shouldn’t Make Same Mistake
C-SPAN CEO to Democrats: Televise the Health Care Reform Negotiations
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