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Archive 1/25/2010 — Bauer, Sanford, Bernanke

January 25, 2010
S.C. Political News
Monday, January 25th, 2010… Updating…
The State | SC Latinos regroup for immigration reform
G’ville News | Sanford wealth tied to family land
Herald Journal | Trial lawyers throwing fundraiser for Bright
Herald Journal | How SC members of Congress voted through Jan. 22
Anderson Ind | Jobs must be ‘Job One’
P&C | Bills could shift agency control
Canadian Press | A Bernanke defeat could raise risk of ‘double dip’ recession, but approval
The State | Friendly rivals: Ford, Sheheen share suite, desire to be governor
The State | SC county copes with surge in gun violence, gangs
AP | Georgia-SC panel gets update on port progress
Sunday, January 24th, 2010
P&C | State has fresh opportunities for positive change
The State | Bauer: Furor over comments won’t change stance
Quote of the Week | “I think (the governor) finally realized and recognized the Senate and the House run the state.” ~Sen. Jake Knotts
The State | This week’s Capital Buzz
Herald Journal | Utterly unproductive
G’ville News | Duchess of York is guest at gala on SC coast
Saturday, January 23rd, 2010
SunNews | Stealthy effort helped GOP’s unlikely win in Massachusetts
P&C | Ex-Brown aide to seek his seat
P&C | Top court to hear judge’s case
P&C | Bauer wants to tie aid to participation
The State | Water settlement long way off, McMaster says
The State | Businesses speak out: Don’t put governor in charge of DHEC
The State | Judicial screenings put on hold
The State | Sanford, others pursue development prospect
Herald-Journal | Free speech
The State | Fourth candidate Kelly Payne enters education race
Home Pest Control Co.

S.C. Blogs & PR Box
Monday, January 25th, 2010… Updating…
FITS | SC Senate Leader: Grocery Tax Hike On The Table
Beach Banter | Bill Connor’s 11th Visit to Horry County – North Myrtle Beach
The Spy | Bauer Goes A-Stray
Voting Under the Influence | Bauer’s awkward remarks should not silence discussion about the culture of failure
FITS | Ellie Light: Barack Obama’s Biggest Fan
FITS | Andre Bauer’s Not-So-Compassionate Conservatism
Chas City Paper | Local Guy Blasts Folly Beach and Sullivan’s Island Politics
Sunday, January 24th, 2010

VIDEO: Obama Uses Teleprompters During Speech — To 6th Graders…

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010
The Spy | Yesterday’s Future and Today’s America
FITS | Rex Blames Sanford For SC Education Woes
Everyday Citizen | SC: Andre Bauer compares needy, children to ’stray animals’
PR | Christina Jeffrey Calls on U.S. Senate to Reject Re-appointment of Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke
Friday, January 22nd, 2010
The Spy | Barrett Campaign On The Ropes?
SUNLIT UPLANDS | Air America Radio Closing, Filing for Bankruptcy
SUNLIT UPLANDS | Poll Finds Majority of Americans, and Nearly 6 in 10 Young Adults, Say Abortion ‘Morally Wrong’
FITS | Fourth candidate Kelly Payne enters education race
All S.C. Political Blogs

U.S. Political News
Monday, January 25th, 2010… Updating…
Am Thinker | Massachusetts! Now What?
Wa Examiner | Abdulmutallab interrogated for less than an hour; White House defends handling of terrorist case
61% Say It’s Time for Congress To Drop Health Care
Am Thinker | Victory in First Principles
Daily Beast | Another Dem to Retire
44 Politics & Policy | Change comes to embattled White House
The Hill | Obama’s challenge: ‘Feel the pain’ of middle class in annual address
Michelle Malkin | The Astroturf Presidency

GALLUP: Obama’s Most Polarized for First-Year President…
Reconstituting Team From ’08 for Races in Fall…
‘We’re not hitting a reset button’…
PAPER: President’s fortunes set to deteriorate further…
Bernanke under pressure; Faltering support for Fed chief…
Obama endorse deficit task force — to start after November!
White House nightmare persists…
Dems Seek to Counter Court Ruling on Political Spending…
Sunday, January 24th, 2010
Rolling Stone | Osama’s Prodigal Son
AP | Bin Laden claims airline bomb attempt on Christmas, vows further attacks
Obama endorse deficit task force — to start after November!
Obama May Seek ‘Discretionary-Spending Freeze’…
Reconstituting Team From 2008 for Races in Fall…
PAPER: President’s fortunes set to deteriorate further…
Bernanke under pressure; Faltering support for Fed chief…
Dow Suffers Worst Week Since Last March…
Obama seen as anti-business by 77% of investors…
Europe welcomes bank plan, won’t imitate it…
White House nightmare persists…
Saturday, January 23rd, 2010
Friday, January 22nd, 2010
Jon Stewart Mocks Keith Olbermann Over Scott Brown Attacks
Breaking | Judges Urge Congress to Act on Indefinite Terrorism Detentions
Little Guy Sends Message to Washington: Drop Dead
Next Up for Obama: Free housing for uhh… dems?
26% Have Favorable View of Rahm Emanuel, 48% Don’t (While 99.9% believe he is GAY, not that there is anything wrong with that…)


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