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Mobile Archive 4/23/2010 – Tea Party Protest, Lindsey Graham, Steve Benjamin

April 23, 2010
S.C. Blogs & PR Box
Friday, April 23rd, 2010… Updating

Protest THIS SATURDAY at Sen. Lindsey Graham’s Rock Hill Office, Sat. 4/24, 1:00 pm

FITSNews | Briefly …
FITSNews | GOP First District Candidates Blast Kennedy Shrine
Thursday, April 22nd, 2010
Loftis Calls for Independent Audit
SUNLIT UPLANDS | Obama Says Value-Added Tax May Be An Option

SC Warrantless Searches: The Votes

First look review: HTC DROID Incredible from Verizon Wireless

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010
The Spy | The Eye Of The Beholder
FITSNews | “Gay-Baiting” Lindsey
Cogdill of Greenville Endorses Bill Connor for Lt. Governor
The Pulse | Campaign Education
Right Bias | Headlines Today…
FITSNews | Hodges Endorses Sheheen
FITSNews | 50 Days Out … Who Are YOU Backing?

Clarendon County Republican Party “Elephant Bucket”

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Exclusive: Breaking: Bashful endorsed by Dopey

Rumor Mill: Cpt. Katherine Jenerette is being court marshaled for campaigning while serving on Air Force Active Reserve duty… WTF… Cannot be true!
FITSNews | Former SC Lawmaker “Won’t Go Home”
The Pulse | Chicago-Style Politics Come to Columbia
RightBias Idiot Awards
Right Bias | My Liberal Friend
PR | Bill Connor Announces More Endorsements
FITSNews | Tax Wars Dominate Capital City Mayoral Race
Sunday, April 18th, 2010… Updating
The Spy | How Much Longer?
Saturday, April 17th, 2010
FITSNews | Benjamin’s “Party Bus” – Is This Legal?

S.C. Political News

Friday, April 23rd, 2010… Updating

Columbia a political hot spot this weekend

P&C | Candidates: Port vital to future
P&C | Weekend looms large for Palmetto State politics
Thursday, April 22nd, 2010
The State | Loftis: Treasurer’s office should be audited
“The people of South Carolina deserve a response as to how these funds went missing and why it has been 22 months since the Treasurer’s Office was last audited.”

***Sanford backs prison reform***

The State | Exclusive: Gervais Street to get a boost
The State | Lawmakers revisit ban on texting while driving
WISTV | Sources: Victim in early morning car crash on life support
The State | Proposed sentencing changes in S.C. praised
P&C | 4 GOP hopefuls to appear tonight
P&C | Up to $375M on the line
The Herald | Measure targets payday lenders
P&C | DNR wants to raise hunting, fishing fees
The State | Benjamin in wreck hours after election; woman badly hurt
Wednesday, April 21st, 2010
The State | Sanford: Pass sentencing reform
The State | SC legislators discuss trash to power legislation
DEVELOPING: Benjamin in car accident this morning

City chooses Benjamin: ‘We made history’

Spurrier 65 and still going strong

The State | SC mayor doesn’t want secession monument in park

Ex-Gov. Hodges endorses Sheheen

Monday, April 19th, 2010
Kerry Wood, Jim Lee’s campaign manager tries to intimidate me during breakfast…

Maria Brady Responds to the Actions of Upcountry TEA Party Organizer Roan Garcia

Maria, It sorrys me to read that this type of “game play” is taking place up in your neck of the woods. This whole story line is just getting noticed over here (thanks SCHotline) ~ Daniel Cochran
Exclusive: Christopher S. Lawton:  The Facts Regarding My Involvement with the Coalition & Roan Garcia
Comment: I was at the Mauldin council meeting when they had the two dollar trash bag fiasco.  It was a packed house and Mauldin citizen’s were itching to voice their complaints. The council set the rules regarding the question and answer period.  The Mauldin residents were to speak first and then non residents could ask their questions.  Roan Garcia could not nor would he follow the rules, for he thinks the rules do not apply to him.  He jumped in with his usual speech how he is for the people and freedom blah, blah, blah and he has fought the illegals from coming across our borders (news flash they’re still coming in record numbers) how he was the one who filled up the room with all these fire eating mad people.  Excuse me but I brought myself without any help from Roan Garcia.  We were forced to listen to his cuban story again (I believe I know it by heart by now, he repeats it every time he gets in front of a mike) From my observation and I could be wrong, he uses Chicage Tactics…Cuban style

Tuesday is election day

Quote of the week: SC Democratic Party Executive Director Jay Parmley said the tea party events aren’t about taxes or fiscal conservatism. “This is about being out of power, and Republicans are spending millions of dollars all across the country to spread lies and misinformation about the average citizen’s tax burden,”
Roan Garcia-Quintana, Again…
“these bully style tactics have no place in American politics…they are similar to what takes place in a third world Cuban dictatorship…”

Obama assailed at Upstate Tea Party

P&C | Tea party’s sway to be determined
P&C | Tea partiers and Perot
Sunday, April 18th, 2010… Updating
P&C | Some subdivisions ban political signs
P&C | Behind in fundraising, Rex outspends Dems

DeMint rattles cages, eyes 2nd term

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